IMG_9107An estimated 20% of all Orphanage Without Walls participants do not go to school prior to joining OWW. More than 90% of those are girls.

In 2009 and 2010 no orphans in the program dropped out of school, and less than 0.5 % have changed foster families. In 2011 two orphans dropped out of school by their own choice. Another seven orphans were taken out of school by local government officials and sent to orphanages, which are still locally considered a good option for orphans.

The average age among drop-outs are 4 years older than the average age of all OWW-kids. We also note that 80% of all drop-outs are boys. This has made us focus even more on young orphan girls. They represent the highest risk of being kept home for labour, and the lowest risk of dropping out of school if they first have managed to start.

OWW has so far shown to be a cost effective and surprisingly efficient program. We can however make it even more efficient by making small adjustments on who we prioritize for OWW-support and how we follow up with each orphan, foster family and school.