How It Works

Orphanage Without Walls is a close cooperation between a foster family, an orphan, the local school and the responsible NGO. All parties must commit to work towards one common goal– to support, motivate and help the orphan all the way towards their first paid job, using education as the main tool.

The Problem with OrphanagesIMG_2212

Orphanage Without Walls works off of the idea that traditional orphanages should be avoided, as their is vast evidence showing that orphanages often have devastating psychological effects on children.  In a society with limited or no public social security systems, it is absolutely crucial to be a part of a family for all kinds of support. Without a family, individuals are extremely vulnerable. Growing up in an orphanage leaves an orphan with no family later in life.

 OWW City Camp

Shambala Foundation prefers utilizing types of support that are aimed at inspiring and motivating children.  The OWW City Camp, taking place during school holidays provides an educational enrichment program for the children who have limited opportunities and face significant challenges in getting to school and staying in school.

By taking orphans to the capital city of Qinghai Province, we provide them with new experiences which will motivate them to go to school.

During the City Camp, local social workers and guest speakers will work together to provide classes and lectures, giving OWW-children excellent role models, as most of our staff have come from a similar background as OWW-children and show the impact that getting an education has on their lives.  The main theme surrounding classes and guest speakers is careers


and dreaming about possibilities for the children’s future.  When OWW-children are asked what they want to be when they grow up, most will say either a teacher or a doctor.  We want to broaden their ideas about careers and also show them what it takes to be a teacher or doctor.  By having guest speakers who come from similar backgrounds as the kids and have successfully fulfilled their dreams, we hope to motivate them to do the same and stay in school. The camp also significantly increases contact hours between OWW-children and social workers, improving the overall quality of the OWW program.

Other Forms of Support

Shambala Foundation’s social workers, as well as our partner organizations, conduct regular field visits to the children’s homes and schools.  OWW provides material or cash support only when it is an obstacle that would prevent a child from going to school.  OWW avoids providing cash support if it interferes with the ability of families to receive government support.