How to Apply

IMG_2695Download the application:  The Shambala Fellowship Program Application Form (2013)

The deadline for applications is November 1st, 2013. You may submit your applications at any time before the deadline. Applications should be submitted with one letter of recommendation, a resume, and a copy of your passport.

After November 1st, applicants who show promise will be invited to a first round interview. Successful interviewees will then be invited to write a fundraising plan after reviewing the Shambala Fellowship Fundraising Guide. A second round interview will then take place to discuss the plan and its probability of success. Within one or two weeks after the second interview the staff will make offers to applicants.

For more information, please contact Devin Gonier at:  dg@shambalafoundation.org

Other downloads:  

SFP Flyer

SFP brochure