Fellowship Program

The Shambala Fellowship Program is a new program offered by Shambala Foundation for people interested in working abroad with a humanitarian organization. This program helps bridge the gap between human and financial resources and the needs of the beneficiaries of our main program Orphanage Without Walls.

yasmin1Phase 1 (From Acceptance to July 2014)

Fellows will fundraise as much as possible for the OWW children in lieu of paying a program fee. Fellows will design a fundraising plan as a part of the application process. If Fellows are accepted, Fellows will begin fundraising right away. We encourage Fellows to set fundraising goals greater than $6,000. Fellows will be held accountable to the goal they set for themselves, but Fellows who fall a little short of meeting their goal will also be accepted into the program. Our staff is looking for a good-faith effort and a well thought out strategy for fundraising.

We estimate that most Fellows will have eight months to meet their goals. Fellows will have monthly Skype conversations with local staff to report their progress and to get help from us on anything they may need to be more successful. In the past, Fellows have created school clubs, written online articles, visited philanthropic clubs, set up online fundraising platforms, and hosted many different types of events.

Phase 2 (July 2014-July 2015)

Fellows arrive in Dali City, Yunnan Province, China. Following their arrival, Fellows will have a brief training period before work on the different programs begins. Fellows will assist staff in the following ways:

Social enterprise development

Fellows will help staff develop the social enterprise programs in Dali that provide funding for the Orphanage Without Walls program. Fellows will be asked to teach English to businesses and students in the Dali area. Fellows will also help develop products that will be marketed to tourists in the Dali area.

Grant writing

Fellows will work with Shambala Foundation staff to find grant opportunities and write applications. This will often require the ability to assess particular program needs and frame those needs in an appropriate manner to attract various grant making institutions.

Shambala Fellowship Program development

Fellows will be the best resource available to help improve the Shambala Fellowship Program. This means that Fellows will help with marketing, coordinating with Fellows in Phase 1, and maintaining ongoing relationships with clubs and institutions abroad.

Capacity building for Shambala Foundation partners

Depending on the needs of our partners and our resources, Fellows may come to Xining, Qinghai Province for 8-10 weeks during the Fellowship year to provide support to our local Orphanage Without Walls partners. This could involve help with editing, training for local staff, and anything else the partner organizations may need during that time.

Unique skill-based support

We are looking for Fellows who have special talents that can compliment our programs. Such skills may include: social media marketing, web design, filmmaking, workshop management, business management, teaching, and curriculum development. Fellows are encouraged to use their skill sets and expertise to improve our programs. It is important that Fellows have ideas on how they can apply their unique skills to our existing endeavors or help design new endeavors that support our programs.

385351_378343618928842_1722959030_nThe Shambala Felllowship Program has three main goals:

1.  Help as many orphans out of poverty as possible.

The most important goal of the Shambala Fellowship Program is to improve our capacity to help the orphans in our Orphanage Without Walls program. Fellows do this by fundraising within and outside of China and developing our currently existing programs.

2.  Help educated individuals who are passionate about humanitarian work become experienced in development.

The development field can be difficult to enter. Many young individuals who have recently graduated and have a strong desire to make a difference in the world through humanitarian work find themselves working for large NGOs doing menial tasks for low or non-existant salaries, or for small NGOs as unpaid volunteers because of limited resources. We believe that the size and capacity of Shambala Foundation is in the goldilocks zone for young people interested in humanitarian work. It is our hope that all Fellows who exit the program will feel better equipped to pursue a career in development.

3.  Help raise awareness about Shambala Foundation’s programs

Shambala Foundation is a medium sized NGO based in Yunnan, China that works with orphans throughout western China. As Shambala Foundation continues to grow, it will be important for it to become well-known in other regions of the world. Phase one, during which Fellows fundraise in their home area, makes it possible to reach broader audiences.